Tom Waits Blues

It was a dark cold night in september
empty bottles covered up my room
I was so drunk that I felt heaven
and saw the devil as a pool

colors red and yellow flew around my eyes
like a bee around his honey
and for a moment I eager forgot
the problems I had with the money

And god I'd gone so far
tried to make love with a guitar some more

I felt a deeply honor to the g-string
and I tried to kiss it cool
but when I unzipped my trousers - jesus
I painfully stuck my tool
between the D and E - my goodness
my eyes jumped full of tears
and in one short moment of soberness
i realized I drunk far to many beer

And god I'd gone so far
tried to make love with a guitar
sure hurts
to be in love
to be in love

But with a pincet and a screwdriver
I finally lightened up
I put my weeny in a glass of milk
and then the pain began to stop

And I never felt so good
my eyes saw angels dressed in nude
they played the guitar like its meant to be
and I finally understood
that if you're gone to far away
you only gotta try to play
your guitar with your tongue
and you really will get cool

Tekst & muziek: André Manuel / Fratsen

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